• When will my order be dispatched? Orders placed after 8:30 AM will be processed starting from the following business day. We need at least two business days to prepare your order for shipping. If the item you ordered is available, it will be dispatched after processing is complete. If the item is out of stock, it will be shipped as soon as we receive it from our suppliers.


  • Why didn't my item ship if it was listed as in stock? Our product inventory fluctuates rapidly due to high demand, so an item may appear available when you order but become unavailable by the time processing begins. If an item is listed as in stock, it might be at our warehouse or with our manufacturer. As distributors, we rely on manufacturers to deliver items, which can vary in timing. Once we receive the item from the manufacturer, we will ship your order.


  • Can my order be shipped today if I just placed it? We do not offer same-day shipping. Every order requires a minimum of two business days to process, regardless of size.
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